"As on the day that gave you to the world,
the sun stood to greet the planets,
So you soon and further and further prospered
according to the law under which you entered.
This is how you have to be, you can't escape it,
Sibyls and prophets said so;
And no time and no power fragmented
embossed form that develops living."

 Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

In times of social and personal change and awakening, evolutionary astrology (transpersonal astrology, astrology of the soul) offers a deep insight into the background and intentions of our life processes. In this way, with knowledge and acceptance, we can meet the deeper purpose of the events we face.

The horoscope is no longer used here as a hope for a better future, but serves as a red thread to the truth already lying within us, who we are and why we are here.

Since the beginning (1991) of my astrological research, I have been fascinated by the great global complex social relationships and events. Understanding and analyzing these is my great passion and the content of my blog posts.


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