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About me
Nikole Schwanenberg Profilbild.png

I have been a full-time self - employed RINGANA Fresh Partner since January 2017 and have therefore given up my medical practice and naturopathic advice. The consulting practice for evolutionary astrology has been suspended since May 2019.

From 2002-2017 I worked full time as a naturopath and astrologer in my own practice. In the various physical, therapeutic, spiritual and spiritual healing methods that I offer, I have continuously trained myself since 1995 through various training courses and seminars.

Born in 1967, living in Berlin since 1969, Waldorf School 1972-87 (Abitur), New York 1988-89, Mediterranean basin 1990-94, self-taught study of astrology and astronomy since 1990, training as astrologer at the Astrologie-Zentrum-Berlin 1995, alternative practitioner training 1996 , Employment in naturopathic practice 1996-2001, own naturopathic practice 2002-2017. Networker for sustainable consumption at RINGANA since 2015.

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