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I have been studying astrology with great passion since January 1990. First, self-taught on a small sailing boat in the Mediterranean, the Milky Way almost always directly above me. In 1995 I completed an intensive training course in Berlin and have been working in an advisory and training capacity ever since.

From 2002-2017 I also worked full-time as a naturopath and meditation teacher in my own practice. Since 1995, I have continuously trained myself in the various physical, therapeutic, spiritual and mental healing methods that I offer through various training courses and seminars.

I have been a full-time, self-employed RINGANA Partner since 2017 and have therefore resigned from my naturopathic practice. After a long break during the pandemic, my evolutionary astrology consulting practice is now open again.

Born in 1967, living in Berlin since 1969, Waldorf school 1972-87 (Abitur), New York 1988-89, Mediterranean region 1990-94, self-taught study of astrology and astronomy since 1990, training as an astrologer at the Astrology Center Berlin in 1995, training as a naturopath in 1996 , employment in a naturopathic practice 1996-2001, own naturopathic practice 2002-2017. Networker for sustainable consumption at RINGANA since 2015.

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